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"Humanitarian dreams become the mission of great Leaders"

Your mission is to better the world and we're here to help you

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Assistance with establishing your for profit and nonprofit business along with the major plans that map your success.


Our premiere service of providing custom consulting for developing your unique business.

Organizational Development

Describes education, consulting, services, and/or network referrals to develop your organizations' administrative and operations departments.



Developing your staff and volunteers through our online courses or let's customize courses that address your specific needs.


Preparing your organization for third party accreditation signifying that your services are of the highest standards in care.



Overseeing the structure, implementation and quality of behavioral health services to your specific population.



Coaching and development for the leadership in your organization. From the Board of Directors to your frontline supervisors.



A network of specialty business services that form a task force for scaling and positioning your enterprise for success.

On Demand Development

Popular Courses

Perfect Score: The Building Personal Credit Blueprint

Self Development Course

by Jodi Luster

10 hours

8 Lessons

Beginner Level

Granting Wishes: The Master Course on Proposal Writing

Organizational Development Course

by Jodi Luster

10 hours

9 Lessons

Beginner Level

Get Out of Job!: From Employee to Entrepreneur

Leadership Development Course

by Jodi Luster

10 hours

9 Lessons

Beginner Level

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Client Feedback...

As a trainer and administrator, I believe the presentations have been on point and full of informative information that has been quite helpful. I always leave her trainings full of nourishment in whatever topic that has been presented. Her delivery is professional and precise. Her administrative ability is like a ray of sunlight. Working with her taught me a lot. She gives people a chance to express their skills. I thank you for all the lessons I have learned from you. I'm blessed for having you in my life!!

B. Jackson

Residential Program Manager

Jodi is a person of integrity and is extremely reliable. She is an excellent communicator and highly impressive trainer. I have worked closely with Jodi and have been extremely captivated by her problem solving skills and administrative abilities. Jodi goes beyond the call of duty and I would recommend her services to anyone.

Y. Rogers

Clerical Services Director

23131 Michigan Ave #1008, Dearborn, MI 48124

(313) 942-4550