About Us


Since 2010, we have provided:

Business Establishment Services

For Profit & Nonprofit Consulting

Organizational & Workforce Development


To help servant leaders become shepherds in their industry.


Develop social philanthropy from change agent to

global impact via consulting, education, & networking.



We embrace what is different and creative. We challenge our clients to find their identity in a marketplace where so many organizations duplicate services.


We believe each owner and organization is unique. Our services are tailor made for the specific identity and needs of each client.


Success grows closer as we research, plan, and adjust. We are heavy proponents of strategic planning. Those that embark upon a strategic adventure, fare far better than the rest.


We ensure open and clear communication with our customers from start to finish. We embody integrity and honesty from the 1st encounter to the last.

Why Work With Us?


  • 100+ nonprofit & for profit businesses established

  • $80+ million in grant funds secured

  • 20+ years organizational development

  • 25+ years leadership & non profit management

  • 20+ years leadership & staff development training2 Column

  • 20+ years clinical intervention &services

  • 15+ years accrediting organizations

Personalized Consulting

Bellwether Network will walk with you building step by step to get your for-profit or nonprofit established, sustainable and positioned for continuous growth. We provide a consulting experience that enhances the personalized attention you and your organization deserve.

Tailored Education & Tools

Bellwether Network provides specialized training and tailored workshops to owners and organizations to develop their infrastructure and equip leadership with first hand knowledge that enhances personnel performance and improves the bottom line.

Unmatched Experience

Our Principal Consultant, Founder, & CEO has installed and managed over 100 programs for nonprofit and for-profit businesses. We have up to the minute experience writing proposals and winning grants at the federal, state, local, court, and foundation level.

(313) 942-4550